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About Us

About Tactik

We are a Mexican company dedicated to provide management services with the highest quality

We were born with the mission of making easier the operation of our customers by taking care of their Backoffice and providing information on time to let them take the best decisions.


Provide administrative services surpassing the expectations of our clients through the generation of timely information, high quality and constant innovation.


Become the leading company in the Shared Services Centre industry in Mexico through constant innovation and quality and become a highly profitable business for our investors.

Values & Beliefs

Is the quality to act always in accordance with the values of Rightness, Honesty, Truth and Justice for the dealings with others as well as for yourself. Means doing the right thing in a reliable way. It also means that a person has a moral compass that doesn't waver.

It is the work done by several individuals where everyone does a part, but all with a common goal. We believe that together we add more, and we can go further if we create synergy.

It is the ability to exceed the client's needs in an integral way. We want to do things right from the beginning.

It is the recognition of one's own value and the rights of individuals and society. It seeks to create a favorable work environment so that our employees feel free to express themselves and carry out their work.

It is to be attentive to technological changes and the needs of the environment to modify our processes in an efficient and productive way.