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    Meet TACTIK – Shared Service Centre .
    Knowledge and experience is our work philosophy.
  • We are your best
    business ally

    Our passion is to let our clients focus on the success of their Core Business while we take care of their Backoffice.
  • Timely information with the highest quality standards

    We are specialists in process standardization and simplification.
    We provide fully auditable information.
  • Our people are our most valuable asset

    Behind a large company, are the most prepared and specialized employees.

Knowledge and Experience is our work signature.

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We specialize in providing a high-quality service in transactional processes, to reduce the costs and expenses of your company.

Learn more about the benefits of working with TACTIK: Shared Service Center in your company
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Costs Reduction

Through economies of scale, robust and efficient processes and specialization.


Our Quality Assurance department help us create solid business relationships with our customers and achieve high quality standards.

Transparency and Compliance

Implementation of internal controls gives our customers a complete view of their operations as well as fully auditable operations.

Fast Services and promptly response

Thanks to the efficiency and standardization, TACTIK can react promptly to customer requirements and provide information on time.

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